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Aline Reynolds is a Harvard University and Columbia University graduate with diverse work experience in urban planning and more than five years of experience in print and digital journalism. She was raised on Long Island, N.Y. and moved to New York City for college, where she has resided for several years.

With a unique dual skill set, Aline writes about, and helps to plan, revitalization efforts of urban and regional areas, including projects aimed at improving public transportation, open space, and infrastructure.

Among Aline’s most memorable and impactful work experiences is her focused coverage of the “rebirth” of Lower Manhattan in the years after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. As an editor and a writer at two local Downtown Manhattan newspapers, the Downtown Express and the Tribeca Trib, she chronicled a wide range of topics—from the post-9/11 redevelopment of the World Trade Center, to the rise and fall of Occupy Wall Street, to the highly controversial “Ground Zero mosque.” Her breaking news coverage of the New York Police Department’s sudden raid of Zuccotti Park — the two-month home of Occupy Wall Street — earned her and her colleagues the Best Spot News Coverage award at the New York Press Association’s 2011 Better Newspaper Contest. Beyond these flashpoint topics was a battered yet extremely resilient community that turned their one square mile of the island of Manhattan into a thriving, vibrant community that is now teeming with new residents and businesses.

It was this fascinating subject matter that sparked Aline’s interest in urban planning and design. In 2014, she moved to Cambridge, M.A. to pursue a master’s degree in city planning. She graduated from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design with a Master in Urban Planning (M.U.P.) and a dual concentration in transportation/infrastructure planning and environmental planning, two facets of the discipline that especially interest her.

Aline has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Barnard College / Columbia University. Upon graduating, she worked for a year as a sales representative at the independently-owned publishing house, W.W. Norton & Co. Missing writing, she returned to school to pursue a Master of Science (M.S.) degree from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism (class of 2009). Her articles have appeared in a number of other news publications, including Discover Magazine, Southampton Press, and Newsday. She has also written for global newswire Agence France-Presse. For these outlets, she typically wrote feature stories about art exhibits, music performances, and K-12 education issues and events.

Aline continues to pursue an interdisciplinary career in urban planning and urban affairs writing. She dreams of a better future for Northeast U.S. cities — which have great potential, and need, for sustainable buildings and streets, multimodal transit, and pedestrian connectivity.

Please reach out to Aline with comments or questions at reynolds.aline@gmail.com.

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